Sturgeon and Moore to lock horns in STV debate

THE Deputy First Ministor, Nicola Sturgeon, and the Scottish Secretary, Michael Moore, are to lock horns in a TV debate about next year’s referendum on Scotland’s constitutional future – being broadcast a week today, on STV.

The Scotland Tonight Referendum Special is being screened at 2230.

Says a STV media release: “Presented by John MacKay and Rona Dougall, Scotland Tonight Referendum Special will see the politicians answer burning questions about the economics of independence and debate whether Scotland will be better or worse off as an independent country. They will also have the opportunity to cross-examine each other.

“Political experts will provide analysis before, after and throughout the debate from a second STV studio, with viewers encouraged to interact by sending their own reactions via social media.”

Gordon Macmillan, head of news at STV, is quoted, as saying: “STV is committed to providing a platform for debate around all the key issues ahead of the 2014 referendum and this series of Scotland Tonight specials will give viewers the opportunity to hear the arguments from both sides of the discussion, from Scotland’s biggest political players.”

The debate will be streamed live on and will be available for catch-up on the STV Player.