Richard Jobson to talk about making movies using ‘Cloud’ digital software

THE filmmaker, Richard Jobson, is speaking in Edinburgh later this month, about making movies using digital software.

Specifically, the former lead of the 1970s/1980s band, The Skids, will be talking about making movies using ‘Cloud’ software.

He is speaking a week tomorrow at Screen Academy Scotland and his masterclass is titled ‘From Punk Rock to Punk Cinema – how to make a film in The Cloud’.

His writing and directing credits include ‘Sixteen Years of Alcohol’, ‘The Purifiers’ and ‘New Town Killers’.

Says Screen Academy Scotland, Jobson will be presenting “a case study on the making of his latest feature, the revenge thriller ‘Wayland’s Song’, the first film ever to be made using entirely cloud-based software tools”.

Adds SAS: “‘Wayland’s Song’, written, produced and directed by Richard Jobson, premiered in Cannes this summer and will be released in the UK in September. Jobson used the full range of cloud-based Adobe software from Story Plus and Prelude to After Effects, Audition and Speedgrade to complete the film. With clips from ‘Wayland’s Song’ and examples of the software in action this masterclass will demonstrate how digital filmmaking has moved into The Cloud.”

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