Radio DJ changes name to Jennie Ready Steady Cook, as a dare

A RADIO DJ has changed her name, responding to a dare from her co-host.

Jennie Cook has legally changed her name to ‘Jennie Ready Steady Cook’ after her co-host on the Capital FM Scotland breakfast show, Des Clarke, asked listeners to encourage her to change her name.

Says a Capital media release: “After complaining about her middle name, ‘Macdonald,’ co-host, Des, began teasing Jennie, encouraging her to change her name with the help from listeners who got in touch through texting and tweeting the show in support.”

The release adds: “Jennie promised the 476,000 listeners of the Capital breakfast show that if they logged onto Twitter, and made #ReadySteady trend in Scotland, she would do it.

Jennie is quoted, as saying: “I couldn’t believe it when it trended in Edinburgh after asking the Capital FM listeners for help. My name is now officially Jennie Ready Steady Cook. I think it’s quite funny, to be honest, but I’m a bit worried as my mum and dad won’t be quite as impressed when they find out.”

Clarke is also quoted, this time saying: “What a great sport Jennie is. I can’t believe, after I dared her to change her name, she actually went and did it. It’s been a great laugh on the show with the listeners getting it trending in Scotland and fair play to Jennie by keeping her word and actually changing her name.”