The Media in Figures: The share of TV viewing in Scotland involving the five PSB channels

THE five ‘public service TV channels’ – of BBC One, BBC Two, ITV (including STV), Channel 4 and Channel 5 – together command 53 per cent of all TV viewing in Scotland – says figures published by the broadcasting regulators, Ofcom.

According to Ofcom’s latest annual Communications Market Report: Scotland, between 2007 and last year, there was a ten per cent reduction in the viewing in Scotland of the five channels, slightly less than the UK channels, at 11 per cent.

The breakdown for last year is as follows:

BBC One: 20 per cent, BBC Two six per cent, ITV (incl STV) 15 per cent, Channel 4 six per cent and Channel 5 five per cent.

The ten per cent reduction compares not just to an average 11 per cent drop, UK-wide, but…

Border – four per cent, East of England 15 per cent, London 13 per cent, Meridian nine per cent, Midlands 13 per cent, North East eight per cent, North West 14 per cent, West nine per cent, Yorkshire 15 per cent, Wales ten per cent and Northern Ireland 14 per cent.

Source: Communications Market Report: Scotland, 2013, Ofcom, published August 1 2013.