Views being sought on BBC reporting of referendum vote

VIEWS are being sought on the BBC’s reporting of the upcoming referendum on Scotland’s constitutional future.

The BBC’s governing body, the BBC Trust, has launched a 12-week consultation “seeking views on the BBC Executive’s proposed additional guidelines for the BBC’s reporting on the referendum for Scottish independence”.

Says a BBC media release: “The referendum takes place in 2014, and these guidelines cover all reporting during the formal referendum period, from 30th May 2014 to polling day on the18th September 2014.

“Similar to previous referendum and election campaigns, the additional guidelines have been drafted to supplement the BBC’s editorial guidelines. They are intended to offer a framework within which BBC journalists and content producers can deliver impartial and independent reporting, providing audiences with fair coverage and rigorous scrutiny of the policies and campaigns of all relevant parties and campaign groups.

“The Trust is inviting views from campaigning bodies, political parties and relevant organisations to the referendum debate, as well as members of the public on the following three areas: 1. Are the proposed guidelines relevant and appropriate for this referendum? If not, explain why? 2. Do you feel there are any omissions from the guidelines? 3. Do you have any other comments on the proposed guidelines?”

The BBC adds that the final guidelines along with consultation responses will be published in March.

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