Reach down, share up for BBC Radio Scotland, in latest RAJAR figures

BBC Radio Scotland has enjoyed mixed results in the latest survey of radio listening.

Says RAJAR, the station saw its reach between July-September last year and the same period this year down 4.3 per cent, from an average 928,000 listeners to 888,000. But its share (of potential audience) over the same 12-month period was up, from 7.6 per cent to 7.9 per cent.

‘Reach’ is defined as an adult, aged at least 15, having tuned into a station for at least five minutes during an average week.

Of the other figures, among the standouts was Aberdeen-based Original 106, which saw its Q3 2012 – Q3 2013 reach figure up 36.4 per cent. Meanwhile, sister station, Dundee-based Wave 102, has been taken out of RAJAR, on cost grounds (the station’s advertising is more locally-based than UK-wide, where RAJAR figure are more of a necessity).

In a BBC media release, BBC Radio Scotland head, Jeff Zycinksi, is quoted, as saying: ‘The figures show that, year-on-year, the amount of time each listener spends with the station has risen while reach and share are stable. Programmes such as Good Morning Scotland, Call Kaye and Sportsound are key audience drivers and the fantastic range of speech and music programmes on the station is a continuing appeal for our listeners.

“Two pieces of news from the awards front this week underline the variety and quality of our output. The team behind The Jazz House picked up the media award at the Scottish Jazz Awards while the Kitchen Garden has been nominated in the UK Garden Media Guild Awards.”

The reach figures in full are as follows, for Q3 2012-Q3 2013 (in brackets Q2 2012-Q2 2013)

BBC Scotland down 4.3 per cent (down 1.1 per cent)

Radio Borders up 5.9 per cent (down 3.8 per cent )

Capital Scotland up 21.6 per cent (up 2.1 per cent)

Central FM up 5.7 per cent (up 12.2 per cent)

Clyde 1 down 0.3 per cent (up 10.6 per cent)

Clyde 2 down 13 per cent (down 16.8 per cent)

Forth 2 up 2.3 per cent (up 1.4 per cent)

Forth One down 0.6 per cent (up 8.3 per cent)

Kingdom FM down 16.9 per cent (down 15.7 per cent)

Moray Firth Radio down 6.1 per cent (down 3.5 per cent)

Northsound 1 up 11.1 per cent (up seven per cent)

Northsound 2 down 9.6 per cent (up 39.5 per cent)

Original 106 up 36.4 per cent (up 12.8 per cent)

Real Radio Scotland up 5.1 per cent (down 18.5 per cent)

96.3 Real XS Glasgow down 9.5 per cent ( down 24.3 per cent)

Smooth Radio Glasgow down 10.9 per cent (down 10.7 per cent)

Tay AM down 6.2 per cent (down 1.3 per cent)

Tay FM up 21 per cent (up 17.4 per cent)

West Sound down 4.4 per cent (no change)