That Was the Year That Was (2013): Rona Dougall, presenter, Scotland Tonight

GOOD year, bad year? As 2013 draws to a close, we ask Rona Dougall, presenter of STV’s current affairs programme, Scotland Tonight: ‘How has it been for you?’.

Briefly, what is it that you do?

I present Scotland Tonight on Wednesday and Thursday nights at 10.30pm. John MacKay presents Mondays and Tuesdays.

Choose three words that sum up 2013 (so far), from a professional point of view.

Exciting, challenging, rewarding.

In 2012, what was your biggest ambition for 2013, and to what extent did you achieve it?

To continue to try and improve and develop my skills as a presenter. You’ll have to ask my bosses if I’ve achieved that!

How has 2013 (so far) been for you, personally?

It’s been a (mostly) good year. My daughter (11) launched her first magazine, my youngest took up the drums and I ran a half marathon – and survived.

Any changes this year in technology, legislation, the economy, etc that have had a relatively significant impact on the business?

We are all about the independence referendum on Scotland Tonight, so we follow ever twist and turn.

What looking forward to, in 2014 – personally and professionally?

As a Scottish journalist, there can be no more exciting story to cover than the referendum. We will be doing lots of special programmes next year and of course I’ll be covering the big day itself.