BAFTA Scotland awards ceremony to be streamed live, online

AN awards ceremony being hosted by the Scottish division of the British Academy of Film and Television Arts is to be streamed live, on Sunday.

And producing the streaming of the BAFTA Scotland awards for the first time will be Procam, which recently acquired Scots broadcasting equipment hire company, Hammerhead TV.

Leading the production team will be Mike Colyer. Says Procam: “Following weeks of preparation, the one-day operation will involve an experienced team of ten managing four cameras, all external lighting and a vision mixer to capture every live moment on film.”

Procam’s group chief executive, John Brennan, is quoted, as saying: “We chose to expand into Scotland this year as we recognised the enormous amount of talent in this market and growth potential of this buoyant industry. The BAFTA Scotland Awards are a celebration of the best creative work in the country and we are honoured to be chosen by BAFTA to roll out our biggest project in Scotland to date. This is testament to our 20 years of experience managing high-profile events and programmes.”

Alan de Pellette, acting director of BAFTA Scotland, is also quoted in the Procam statement, as saying: “Relaying the excitement of the awards ceremony to the home audience is key for us, and with a live stream there is no room for error. We chose Procam for this huge undertaking as the team came to us with a plan for every possible eventuality. Procam understood the quality required and the high stakes we’re dealing with and was able to supply us not only with cameras and crew for the event, but with the unparalleled knowledge and expertise that will ensure this year’s filming goes off without a hitch.”

Tune in here, from 7pm on Sunday.