Coming soon at noon: Your daily briefing

LATER today, is launching a new way of keeping you ‘in the loop’, when it comes to Scottish media news.

No longer are we going to report, story-by-story. Instead, we hope to provide you something more comprehensive, brought together as a daily briefing, published every weekday, at noon. It will comprise a round-up of Scottish media stories already ‘out there’, plus other content we have found that might be of interest.

In other words, we do the legwork, curating from dozens of different sources, so you can remain informed.

It also means paving the way for greater reader involvement. If you have spotted something you feel should be shared with fellow allmediascotland readers, then all you need to do is send us the weblink and we’ll consider it for publication.

This new approach additionally tees up a couple of other important developments happening soon. First, we are resurrecting our free, daily e-newsletter. To receive it, just sign up, also for free, to the site. Among other things, it will comprise a link to the daily briefing, a round-up of the media releases (story ideas) posted on the site by third parties – such as charities, SMEs and PR agencies – and showcasing of our media directory entries.

Second, there is to be a new, fully responsive display of our content, in a way we are convinced will make the site a more integral part of your daily, busy routine – including on-the-go*.

How you can help, in return? Well, signing up to our twitter alerts – allmedianews, nonstopstories and allmediajobs – can only help further raise the profile of the site. And, of course, we look forward to receiving your story suggestions.

See you at noon.

* How to place the icon on to your mobile telephone screen? This short explanation (albeit for iPhones) might help.