Media Kit: Canon C300 broadcast camera

THE trade magazine, Televisual, has listed its top ten cameras to rent for a broadcasting job.

And No.1 in the list is the Canon C300.

Begins the magazine’s review of its top ten: “The market for new cameras has been slightly less frenetic over the last 12 months compared to recent years. Instead of the endless sweep of change, it’s been more about small steps forward.

“The new models coming out in 2013 were either variations of existing cameras or models that filled genuine gaps in existing camera line-ups. The camera hire market is still evening split between large-sensor models and traditional HD broadcast cameras.

“The two most popular cameras in this year’s top ten are large-sensor models and there are another three large-sensor cameras in the top ten.”

And of the Canon C300, the magazine quotes a Dan Wheeler, sales director of PEC equipment sales and hire company: “It delivers a superior large-sensor look with the added benefit of convenience and reliability. The general opinion of customers is that you can’t go wrong with it – it’s a safe bet for all sorts of HD productions.”

Televisual notes the day hire rate for the camera is circa £165.

Read here a review of the camera being used in a tough documentary environment.

And watch a review, on video, here.

Buy it here.