Media Podcasts: It’s All Journalism

AN interview with a co-founder of the Lonely Planet travel guides series is the latest subject of the busy media podcast channel that is It’s All Journalism.

And for actual and aspiring travel writers, the podcast’s interview with Tony Wheeler, should be an inspiring listen, with several tips on what a writer should be seeking to convey.

Says the blurb introducing Wheeler: “In 1972, Tony Wheeler and his wife, Maureen, were living in London, where they had just finished their studies. They decided to take a year off to travel around the world, with the intention of ‘getting travel out of our systems’… The couple left London in an old, beat-up car, which took them it all the way to Afghanistan. Eventually, they made their way overland across Asia and ended up in Sydney, Australia, six months after they’d started. They had 27 cents between them.”

It’s All Journalism – which is produced from North America – says it “brings together the experiences of working journalists as they explore this continuously evolving field”.

It’s weekly, sometimes more frequent than that.

Find it on iTunes, here.

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