Media Broth: Inspired by…

THANKS to The Herald’s Russell Leadbetter, for pointing readers to this ‘great apology of our time’, from the Cumbernauld News and Kilsyth Chronicle…

The apology reads: “In an article in the Cumbernauld News and Kilsyth Chronicle issue of July 2, 2014, we stated that Caitlin Henderson and her friend Calum Robinson were ‘the envy of their classmates’ when they arrived for their school prom at Condorrat Primary School.

“However, Mrs Alison Masterson contacted us to say that her daughter was not ‘envious’. We are happy to set the record straight and apologise for any embarrassment it may have caused.”

Leadbetter was sitting in for Ken Smith, in The Herald’s ‘Diary chair’ and the story is picked up (here) by The Guardian’s media pundit, Roy Greenslade.

* * *

AND talking of Ken Smith, thanks to him, for this: “[Scots] commentator, Hazel Irvine, did her best to remain professional [during her BBC broadcast of the Commonwealth Games opening ceremony], and only slipped up when she said gaudily dressed crooner John Barrowman came originally from Mount Florida. Says Moira Love in Cumbernauld: ‘Will the good people of Mount Vernon mind her attributing their most famous son to Mount Florida? Or will they be secretly quite pleased? I can’t help wondering.'”

* * *

NOT everyone was totally bowled over by the Commonwealth Games opening ceremony. And The Guardian’s ‘media monkey’ funnies column enjoys a series of rather exasperated tweets from Gordon Smart, editor of The Scottish Sun.


* * *

NOW, has to admit it was not exactly paying attention to every word and syllable being uttered by athletics commentators, Steve Cram and Brendan Foster, as they were reporting, live on TV, the men’s Marathon race, during the Commonwealth Games on Sunday morning.

Both Cram and Foster could not stop heaping praise on the people of Glasgow, for coming out in huge numbers to watch the event; could not stop heaping praise on the city.

And at one point, Foster talked about a ‘Marathon party’ taking place at the Daily Record newspaper, whose HQ was on the race route.

But we can’t say, for sure, whether he described the newspaper as ‘one of Scotland’s biggest’ or ‘Scotland’s biggest’, the latter perhaps open to dispute by the occupants of The Scottish Sun, just up the road.

* * *

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