Media Broth: A juicy bite

WHAT do you get when you design the cover of a magazine called ‘news bite’ with the masthead part-obscured by the image of a person clutching a leaflet?

Take a look here, in this report from The Press and Journal, about the local tenants’ magazine that shows the ‘s’ and ‘b’ in the masthead looking more like ‘s’ and ‘h’.

* * *

THE saving grace for Nats will have been the number of non-Scots in the audience… perhaps.

But when a well-attended Scots referendum debate at a festival of marketing held in Edinburgh last week asked who would be voting what, it ended in something of a landslide for No.

The Amplify festival was a day-long event hosted by the Scots division of the Marketing Society.

And the vote result? Undecided 12 per cent, Yes 25 per cent and No 63 per cent.

* * *

THE Herald’s Doug Marr concludes: “Televised sport no longer excites me as it did in those early flickering days. That’s the honest truth, in black and white.”

Confessing to his own version of RSI – remote-control stress injury – he reflects on the televising of sport nowadays and pines for when the highlights of one football match was broadcast per week (“usually the only game that ended 0-0″) and where the only camera being used “was more likely to catch the flight of a passing gull than the flight of the ball”.

Read more, here.

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IF you haven’t seen it already, this happened on Wednesday morning…

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