Your Noon Briefing: New newspaper The National, Sunny Govan Radio, etc

BEGINS “A new Scottish newspaper has been launched that ‘will fly a vibrant flag for independence’.

“The National has gone on sale today for a pilot period of five days, published by Newsquest, which already publishes the Herald, the Sunday Herald and the Evening Times.

“The newspaper costs 50p and the masthead describes it as ‘the newspaper that supports an independent Scotland’.

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Sister title, the Sunday Herald newspaper, yesterday began its report of the launch, thus: “Tomorrow we will launch a new daily paper for Scotland.

“The National will be the only daily paper on sale in Scotland to support the principle of independence for our country.

“The decision to launch The National follows the Sunday Herald’s decision in May to support a yes vote in the Scottish referendum. That decision seemed like a gamble at the time, when support for independence was still lagging significantly behind in the polls.

“Today, the picture is very ­different. The support for the Sunday Herald from the wider yes movement has been little short of astonishing.”

The launch was reported first by The Guardian newspaper’s Mark Sweney, on Friday – here.

And its other sister title, The Herald, reports the launch, today, on page two. And a media release about the launch has been posted on, here.

Meanwhile, begins Angela Haggerty, in an op ed in The Drum media and marketing magazine: “There are a lot of things that nobody saw coming after the No vote in the Scottish independence referendum this September. The surge in SNP membership to more than 80,000 from around 25,000 was one of them, and the launch of a pro-independence newspaper in what is a broadly failing industry is certainly another.”

Read more, here.

Says The Drum, of Haggerty: “Angela Haggerty is a former media and broadcast reporter for The Drum who now edits CommonSpace, a digital news service in Scotland launching later this year.”

And there’s another op ed about the launch, penned by Scott Campbell, editor of Cumbernauld Media, here. It is headed, ‘The media failed Scotland during the #IndyRef – it’s time to get our act together’.

And there’s yet another op ed about the launch, this time by the recent former business editor of The Scotsman and Scotland on Sunday, Terry Murden – here (or here on allmediascotland).

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ALSO begins The Drum: “Tesco has bowed to pressure from campaigners to hide newspaper front pages from view in its stores to protect children from sexual images – according to reports.

“The supermarket giant is to redesign its newsstands across its UK branches by the end of this month, so that only the title and logo of newspaper are visible – not photos and headlines.”

Read more, here.

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SUNNY Govan Radio, in Glasgow, is featured today, in The Herald newspaper – in the context of volunteering carried out by young people.

Begins Russell Leadbetter (here): “Half of young people in Scotland have taken part in volunteering, campaigning or fundraising in the past year, a poll has found..”

And the community radio station is cited, as a case study – here.

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BRIAN Ferguson, in The Scotsman, today considers the eligibility criteria for the BAFTA Scotland Awards, continuing his reporting – such as here – about one film, Under the Skin, which appears to have been ruled ineligible.

Read more, here.

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STAYING with the BAFTAs, this time its Children Awards…

And the BBC begins, here: “A nine year-old [Scots] actress who plays the title role in CBeebies show, Katie Morag, has become the youngest-ever winner at the BAFTA Children’s Awards.

“Cherry Campbell was named best performer at the awards.”

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