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In My Opinion: Courtnay McLeod: The blurrier, the better

PERSONALISED, customised, tailor-made… it seems almost everything in today’s world is ‘just for you’ – except education, where an one-size-fits-all approach still exists. Our education system wasn’t built for this world. It was designed for an …

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Media Podcasts: The Media Show

THE latest episode (#11) was uploaded online last Friday and another is soon on its way. The Media Podcast describes itself as "your essential guide to radio, television and the

TV camera interview (the 27th of the month)

Your Noon Briefing: New BBC Scotland news studio, trust in the media, .scot, etc

A NEW BBC Scotland news and sport studio began operating last night - with football's Sportscene programme - and BBC journalist, Graham Stewart, provides a behind-the-scenes look, in

TV gallery (the 24th of the month)

Your Noon Briefing: The media and Scots independence, sports marketing, AMS reader survey, etc

A STUDY of BBC, ITV and STV output over a 12-month period has found coverage leaning towards the Union, as opposed to Scots independence, by a ratio of

Touching a tablet (the third of the month)

Your Noon Briefing: Scottish Broadcasting Service, Cello share price, Scottish Widows advertising campaign, etc

ONLY 25 per cent of respondents in a poll of 1,500 people are reportedly in favour of plans to turn BBC Scotland into a Scottish Broadcasting Service, should


Bill Heaney: Bishop says it’s time Catholic Church became more pro-active in promoting its image

THE Catholic Church in Scotland feels it is being seriously got at by some sections of the media. This became clear in an interview given to Brian Morton in


Unequal media coverage of women’s sport highlighted at launch of new Scots charity

THE inequalities faced by girls and women in having their sporting endeavours reported in the media has been highlighted today, with the launch of a new Scots charity. It

Francis Shennan

In My Opinion: Francis Shennan: Rumours of my demise… (I’ve been busy being shortlisted for jobs)

MARK Twain countered the report of his demise with a statement to the New York Journal: “The report of my death was an exaggeration.” It always reminds me of

Neil Braidwood, CMYK

In My Opinion: Neil Braidwood: Snap happy

YOUR summer holidays are probably already a distant memory, but did you take photographs while you were away? And if so, what did you take them on? The answer


In My Opinion: Craig Bradshaw: From virtual reality to stark reality

IN an age when I’m still amazed that everything is a click away and am bamboozled by the irony that I can send my travel itinerary to my

Janet Archer appointed new chief executive of Creative Scotland

A DIRECTOR at the Arts Council England has been named the new chief executive of the national development agency for the arts, screen and creative industries in Scotland, Creative

Media, Faith and State to be debated, ‘post Leveson’, in Edinburgh

THE relationship between the Media, Faith and the State, ‘post Leveson’, will be at the centre of a discussion to be held in Edinburgh next week. A panel, made

General media

Conference to consider the future of the Scottish media

THE future of the Scottish media is to be the subject of a day-long conference, taking place in Edinburgh. The event - being hosted by the conferences arm of

Mark Gorman

In My Opinion: Mark Gorman: One year in and Edinburgh’s creative economy is ‘oxygenated’ by Creative Edinburgh

THE digital, media and creative industries are estimated to be worth £6 billion a year to Scotland. To put that into perspective, it’s the fourth-biggest industry in the

Bill Heaney

In My Opinion: Bill Heaney: Reporting the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI

I DON'T want to say, 'I told you so', but I did warn you in my last blog - on the 17th of last month - that Pope

Courtnay McLeod

In My Opinion: Courtnay McLeod: Being a feminist in a media world

I GUESS I am a feminist, lots of people say so. I am always unsure if this is a compliment or an insult. What does a feminist look


Lisa-Nicole Mitchell: More lovely gadgets

THANKS to Christmas, I could open my own gadget shop. But I am also suffering from a lack of sleep, what with all these flashing battery chargers. Red,

Media warned about its reporting of Rangers FC

A WARNING has been issued to the media about the way it talks or writes about football club, Rangers. James Traynor - who joined the club as director of communications last

Allmediascotland blog section launches with 16 media columns

SIXTEEN new columns about the media are launching today on, as the site unveils its new blogs section. Covering pretty much all corners of the Scottish media scene,

Stewart Weir

Stewart Weir: Darts in the Olympics? A PR flight of fancy?

DARTS would not be my normal starting point (apologies for the first unintentional pun of 2013, and it won't be the last) for this look at sport and

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