Suicide prevention ad screening today

WHAT is believed to be the first television advertising campaign aimed at preventing suicide is to be screened today.

Says media and marketing magazine, The Drum, on its website, the NHS Scotland advert will “aim to reinforce the message that people feeling suicidal should talk”.

The awareness campaign will also be staged across various media platforms including radio, online, social media and a microsite. This mingling of media sources is evidenced in the article itself: those who visit the Drum website are able to view the advert by accessing an embedded video player.

The advert was made by Glasgow-based Frame.

It will screen late at night. Monica Merson, head of Health and Wellbeing at NHS Scotland, is quoted, saying: “This advert is about saving lives. By airing the advert later at night, when we know men who are feeling suicidal are most likely to be alone and watching TV, we hope to convey the message that they’re not alone and that support is out there.”