Studio Manager Appointment at AVC Media Enterprises

A designer with Oxfam, Thistle Hotels and Budweiser among his credits has been appointed studio manager at an Aberdeen-based media and communications agency.

Barrie Milne has been taken on at AVC Media Enterprises and brings to the post, says the company, “11 years industry experience in graphic design, studio and production management”.

In a statement issued by AVC, director, Spencer Buchan, is quoted as saying: “Barrie has extensive experience in design across a broad spectrum of clients and industries, from theatre and arts, public sector, oil and gas and tourism to major brands such as Oxfam, Hilton, Marriott, Thistle Hotels and Budweiser.

“Our team’s vast expertise across the full marketing communications spectrum includes brand strategy and development, digital media, graphic design, PR and video production. This offers a fully streamlined and consistent approach to a company’s communications strategy, allowing messages to be conveyed effectively across a variety of dynamic formats for maximum results.”