Media Broth: Yum-yum

YOU get the feeling they have probably been praying for this for years, the sub-editors at the Daily Record.

Reported Gordon Currie, a violin teacher had illegally ‘cleared out’ a client’s bank account, thus earning herself an eight month jail sentence.

And the headline?

Well, it just had to be. ‘Robbery with violins’.

*  * *

THE newly-elected Scotland chair of the Institute of Practitioners, Claire Wood, had no sooner delivered her inaugural speech, when she then had to quickly improvise.

“Okay, let’s have a drink,” pretty much summed it up, after she had been joined on the stage by the two speakers who had preceded her: the outgoing chair, Murray Calder, and the IPA president, Ian Priest.

She was smart. She had detected. No-one was going to respond to the invitation, Any questions?

* * *

FROM Scotland on Sunday’s Drumlanrig column: “After the spectacular rise of his party south of the Border, Ukip leader Nigel Farage is turning his attention to Scotland. Although Scotland is unlikely to be a happy hunting ground for Farage and co, the scale of the charm offensive will be formidable, judging by a phone call received by a member of the Press last week.

“The journalist was phoned by Farage’s PR man and asked if he could recommend a good ‘real ale pub in Edinburgh’ suitable for hosting a press conference this week. The thoughtfulness of such research into Ukip’s choice of venue has been warmly welcomed by drouthy hacks.”

* * *

STAYING with politics and former Scots journalist, Michael Gove – now education secretary at Westminster – has reportedly got himself into a spot of bother .

Says The Independent newspaper, to justify claims that teenagers don’t know their history, a couple of PR-related surveys (for the Premier Inn and UK TV Gold) have been rumbled by Freedom of Information requests as part of the so-called evidence.

* * *

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