Friday noticeboard: Bunnyfoot

FRANKLY, we were stunned. There’s a technology available in Edinburgh that tracks where one’s eyes are drawn to when looking at an image, including a website on a computer screen. saw it in action at the launch party last night of the Scottish branch of a company called Bunnyfoot.

A newcomer to allmediascotland – Helen from Heriot-Watt – was placed in front of the computer screen and shown the site’s home page. After she had finished, her ‘eye journey’ was played back: it comprised a series of blue dots across the screen, some bigger than others to signify longer viewing.

Get 100 people looking at and a very sophisticated picture of what its visual strengths and weaknesses are would emerge.

Helen’s visit to had it scoring not too badly. It seems pretty logical to the first-time visitor. But it’s not perfect, so expect to see a small change or two over the next wee while.

And the name, ‘Bunnyfoot’, which is headquartered in Oxford? Something to do with the founder’s young daughter and a description of the family’s cat.

* * *

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