Friday noticeboard: Design Links, Line Marketing, etc

A “REJUVINATED” agency is the impact provided by a new creative director at an Edinburgh-based communications company.

Award-winning Derek Cadogan’s appointment at Design Links, based in the Leith area of the capital, follows five years as art director with advertising agency, McCann Erickson, a two-year art directorship stint at another advertising agency, Leith, and working for himself, as Yellow Pencil.

Says Design Links managing director, Mike Stevenson: “Now, as we continue to reinvent our offer, expect to see some fantastic new ideas emanate from our studio in the coming weeks and months. Derek’s arrival has helped rejuvenate us. He now heads up a talented and multi-faceted team of designers and joins one of the most energetic and ambitious management teams in the country.”

And Chris Allen who has been with Design Links for more than two years has returned to freelance work, though he will continue to work on Design Links projects.

* * *

MEANWHILE, the full ownership of an Edinburgh-based digital agency – with the design of a website for the Edinburgh International Film Festival one of its recent credits – has been taken on by its four directors.

When Line Marketing was set up four years ago, it was part-funded by outside investor, Chris Grant, a former marketing director of Kwik-Fit.

His Future 19 company held an equity stake that has now been bought back by the company’s directors, among them managing director, Ross Laurie.

Says Ross: “Chris’s backing and advice have been crucial in helping getting Line to where it now is. He was there right at the start for us and we can’t thank him enough. We are now, though, at a stage in our evolution where it’s best for the company to be fully owned by its directors. We have no plans, at the moment, to release equity, to raise further capital.”

* * *

AND finally, if, on your next trip to your local supermarket, you are offered the chance to sample one of the fruit drink, Pomegreat’s four flavours, it will because of a marketing campaign devised by the Edinburgh-based communications agency, 1576.

The agency has launched a national sampling campaign for Pomegreat owners, RJA Foods, distributing over 220,000 samples of the juice to over 450 stores across the UK.

* * *

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