New mag launching for Polish community

A FREE, monthly digital magazine has been launched for Scotland’s Polish communities.

Launched by new media publishing company, Raspberry Horse, the magazine is being emailed to members of Polish Societies across Scotland and will be available for download from its own website.

Called Scotsbarszcz (a blend of Scotch broth and the traditional Polish beetroot soup, barszcz) the magazine is aimed at the new wave of Poles living and working in Scotland, second and third generation Polish families and Scots with an interest in Poland through family, friends, travel or business.

It is produced by a small team headed by Gerry Cassidy, a former co-owner of the award-winning publishing and design company, Planet Ink, and one-time assistant features editor of the Daily Record.

Cassidy said: “Scotsbarszcz will be an entertaining mix of news from around the various Polish societies in Scotland alongside interviews and general news from Scotland and Poland that we hope will be of interest across a wide readership.

“It is fully interactive, hosting audio, video and Flash animation and is fun to browse.

“With the aim of encouraging integration of new arrivals into their adopted communities, the magazine will be predominantly in English with only very minimal use of Polish.

“Our initial market research has produced very encouraging signs that Scotsbarszcz will be a welcome new arrival on the Scottish publishing scene.”