My top ten: Bob Cuddihy, former reporter, STV

MY Top Ten invites media practitioners to identify their top ten websites, apps, software tools and gadgets, etc, and here it is the turn offormer Scottish TV reporter, Bob Cuddihy.

Cuddihy was a reporter at Scottish Television during what many regard as a ‘golden age’ for the broadcaster, until 20 years ago. Since then, he has been involved in public relations, media consultancy and public affairs for a wide variety of public and private clients. In between, he has been awarded a NATO Fellowship and become a Research Associate in Defence Studies. Nicknamed the ‘Quiet American’ by former Scotsman diarist, Simon Pia, he says he is “still open for business”.

1. BBC News - broadcaster’s website – Gives me Scotland, the UK and beyond. Links to Scottish and UK newspapers as well as video reports. A must-have, particularly if you are out of Scotland or the UK.

2. Drudge Report - website – Carries mainly US story links but also some UK. Famously helped break the story of Monica Lewinsky’s ‘little black dress’. So expect conservative, climate change sceptics, for example. Again very useful news links.

3. Guido Fawkes – blog – Wicked, scurrilous and libertarian political blog. Has had some good, breaking stories, particularly around MPs’ expenses. Very useful links.

4. Political Betting – blog – As an antidote to Guido and the rantings of his sometimes carpet-biting contributors, you cannot beat Mike Smithson’s terrific political betting site. It is on top of the polls and also offers a look at elections outside the UK. An excellent site for political analysis.

5. The Scottish Government – website – It’s a must-have tool for anyone involved in public affairs issues in Scotland. All the latest ministerial handouts, interviews, links to the latest publications and consultations. Useful links to other UK government websites.

6. The Scottish Parliament – website – The Scottish Parliament site is the essential link for parliamentary process and debates at Holyrood. This goes hand-in-hand with the Scottish Government site.

7. Janes – among other things, a website – If you are interested in such issues as defence and security worldwide, Janes is the site for you.

8. Washington Post – newspaper website – If you are interested in the latest news from the US, coupled with excellent political coverage, it has to be the Washington Post. You can tailor its content to suit you individually.

9. Wonkette – website – You cannot have the Post without the wonderful in-your-face Wonkette. It is witty, downright smutty and sometimes in frankly poor taste. In other words, it can be a joy. Get to know about ‘wingnuts’ and ‘birthers’ and the latest Washington gossip.

10. Huffington Post – website – One of the sensations of the media and political chattering classes in the USA, is Arianna Huffington’s ambitious Huffington Post. Very much an American site, it is, though, cosmopolitan and well worth signing up to get this broad and intelligent sweep of modern America.