My top ten: Mark Gorman, marketing consultant

MY Top Ten invites media practitioners to identify their top ten websites, apps, software tools and gadgets, etc, and here it is the turn of marketing consultant, Mark Gorman.

Gorman, whose consultancy is called Think Hard, is a former managing director of the now defunct 1576 Advertising, which he co-founded in 1994 before leaving six years ago. He is also a former chief executive of IAS SMARTS. Earlier this year, he was, among other things, taken on as a consultant at STV.

1. – website – Much as the BBC’s power irritates me, I can’t but admire the impact this site has had on the digital landscape and with such marvellous content. I listen, online, to the Hibees on BBC Radio Scotland, on a regular basis, and my music choice is led by 6 Music which, unbelievably, might be a victim of the BBC’s success. Please, no.

2. Spotify – web application – What can I say about Spotify that hasn’t already been said? Wondrous. I heart Spotify.

3. IMDB – website – If you are a movie geek, nothing in the universe comes close to this spectacular website which bring a world of opinion and stats to your fingertips. This is a truly indispensable information source and with 485,000 people voting Shawshank Redemption the greatest movie of all time, with an average score of 9.1, you get the feeling that opinion is robust and credible. You only have to read the many highly articulate reviews to realise this is, indeed, the case.

4. Facebook – web application – Love it. Used to hate it.

5. Twitter – web application – I think I hate it, maybe because it is so addictive.

6. The Lyceum Theatre Company – website – Shows what can be done in marketing terms by being creative and imaginative.

7. – website – After years in the doldrums, digitally, the new team at stv has really got to grips with its site and is seeing four-fold growth. Watch out for stv local next year.

8. Digital Agency – blog – Mike Coulter was a visionary for many years with not many listeners (present company excepted); it seems his time is coming rapidly, though.

9. if – online bank – I’ve banked with if since it started. It works seamlessly. Shame it’s being gradually shut it down. Too successful?

10. Metcheck – website – Okay, I admit it. I am a movie geek. I am a music geek. But my darkest secret is that I am a weather geek. This is where to satisfy your weather cravings.