How might journalists earn money in the New Media Age?

HOW does blogger, Guido Fawkes, make several times the income of the average British journalist from raking through political detritus? How do writers make £40,000 a year blogging about technology? And how has regional news pioneer, David Parkin, generated the income to employ a dozen journalists while giving away his cutting edge business news for free?

The answers, and much more, can be found on the UK’s first website dedicated to reporting and analysing new media funding models, which has been launched today.

Behind it are journalists Alex Klaushofer and Tim Dawson.

Says Klaushofer: “Newspapers, magazines and broadcasting are in the midst of the most profound change in their history. As advertisers and readers move online, traditional providers of news and analysis have struggled to keep pace. None have so far found funding models to replicate their traditional revenue streams.

“At the same time, a galaxy of new, often niche providers have found fresh ways to fund journalism and find readers. Our aim is to understand how such models work, and to examine how far they can provide a vibrant future for professional journalism.”