Former Tech Editor has Email Account Hacked into by Internet Scam

A former technology editor at the Sunday Herald has had, this afternoon, one of his email accounts hacked into – with the result that email addresses of friends and colleagues have been approached for a desperate plea for cash.

Iain S Bruce – now managing director of PR agency, Revolver – has had his Gmail account hacked into, with an appeal going out to email addresses collected through it to send money, as he is supposedly stranded in Kuala Lumpur, in Malaysia, with his wallet and other vital possessions stolen.

“I have had dozens of calls and emails about it, already,” Bruce told allmediascotland. “It's a good lesson in managing your email accounts. I have one email address for sensitive information, which I very rarely give out and other email addresses – such as this Gmail one – for chat. It's this one that has been hacked into.”

He continued: “The punctuation is piss-poor. It's a giveway it never came from me.”

Another giveaway is a slightly different email address to his Gmail address – out by one letter.