Newspapers Being Offered Free Footage of Military Tattoo by Video Delivery Service

The world famous Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo is celebrating its 60th birthday by issuing a video-based media release for free use by every national and local newspaper in Scotland.

A video clip of the Tattoo has been issued to Scotland's media via the multimedia distribution system, Tradeclips, which is part of the Wirefast group which enables organisations – via its Newslink service – to distribute their text and still images straight into the editorial in-boxes of most of the UK's newspapers and broadcast organisations.

Tradeclips, a sponsor of, offers a means of directly distributing video, audio, still photographs, PDFs and other material in a way that avoids the potential technical pitfalls of email.

The Tattoo footage – lasting just over five minutes – is intended for the websites of national and local newspapers and is copyright free. Subscribers can download the video and other content directly from the site and those titles yet to sign up to the service are being sent a link, which allows them to download just the Tattoo video.

Says Scotland-based Iain Fleming, a business development manager with Wirefast: “Obviously, we are delighted that such an important organisation as the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo has recognised the benefits of Tradeclips, as a means of guaranteeing multimedia content arrives at its intended destination.”