BBC Scotland website devoted to Burns records two millionth hit

A website dedicated to the work of Robert Burns, set up by BBC Scotland, has recorded its two millionth page impression, in the run up to tomorrow’s anniversary of the Bard’s birth.

Comprising recordings of 717 of Burns’ poems by various well-known Scots, the website is part of a three-year online project that reaches its completion tomorrow.

In a statement issued by BBC Scotland, head of BBC Radio Scotland, Jeff Zycinski, is quoted, saying: “Burns still resonates hugely more than two centuries after he penned over 700 poems and songs both here in Scotland and beyond. This project has created a library and cultural legacy of the entire works of Burns for future generations which will ensure that his works are available for everyone for years to come.”

Tomorrow, as part of a wide-ranging celebration, BBC Radio Scotland broadcasts a live Burns edition of The Culture Café – Completely Burns – at 1.15pm.