Daily Mash Website Launches App for Android

A satirical website set up by a former business editor at The Scotsman and a former political correspondent for the Sunday Times Scotland has launched an app for Android smartphones.

The Daily Mash was founded four years ago by Paul Stokes and Neil Rafferty. And after launching an app version of the site for the iPhone last year, they have now created an app for Androids, retailing at £1.25 for the first 12 months, 82p for the second year.

As well as being a former business editor at The Scotsman, Stokes is also a former deputy editor of now defunct Business a.m., while Rafferty is also formerly of the Press Association.

Customer reviews so far include “classic”, “funniest thing on my phone”, and “ban this sick filth now!”.

Says Stokes: “Our latest full month traffic figures show the Daily Mash on 650,000 unique visitors a month, 82 per cent of them from the UK, 1.5 million visits and 4.75 million page views.”

The iPhone app is an impressive number four in the iTunes chart for top paid iPhone news apps. 

The merchandise side of Daily Mash operation has seen it recently publish its second book under the Mash Books imprint and its first title for the electronic book reader, Kindle.