News Website Issues Apology Following Claims About Local Newspaper

A news and comments website serving Argyllshire has issued an 'unreserved apology' following claims it made against a local newspaper, the Dunoon Observer and Argyllshire Standard.

A storm of protest greeted the original article on when it last week suggested that the newspaper was unlikely to survive beyond the end of the year.

And yesterday, the website apologied, saying: “The content of this article was not checked with E & R Inglis Ltd., the company concerned, and the article contained several inaccuracies, which we would like to correct.

“E & R Inglis Ltd., owners of the newspaper established in 1871, have confirmed that the company remains profitable, and any assertion that it is in immediate danger of failing is incorrect.

“Further, the claim made in the article that another newspaper group was about to bid to purchase the newspaper is not based on fact. No contact has been made with or from any other business in this regard.”

Chief among those reacting to the original article was the newspaper's most recent former editor, Bill Jardine, who was critical of the website's reporting style.

The newspaper's publisher has decided to not pursue the website for damages. But a statement from it, appearing on ForArgyll, reads: “We are very disappointed that ForArgyll failed to contact us before publishing this article.

“The company has introduced a number of measures in response to the current economic climate, in common with many other businesses in the region. The company is in a good trading position and will survive the current recession.

“A business plan, including substantial investment in new printing equipment, is in place to enable E & R Inglis to come out stronger on the other side. The allegations made on ForArgyll are not only inaccurate, but irresponsible and potentially damaging to a long-established Argyll family company.”

Added ForArgyll: “The offending article has been removed from the website, and ForArgyll would like to apologise unreservedly for any upset and damage to the business reputation of the Dunoon [Observer – sic] and Argyllshire Standard and E & R Inglis Ltd.”

E & R Inglis is a commercial printing company. The Dunoon Observer and Argyllshire Standard is its only newspaper.