Social media recognised for driving traffic to police website

THE police force covering the north of Scotland has seen visitors to its website via social media tools such Twitter increase three-fold in two years.

Says a report by the Northern Constabulary being considered today by the Northern Joint Police Board, comprising local councillors, referred visits to its website from Twitter and Facebook had risen from 3,900 per month two years ago to nearly 12,000 per month this year.

In the year up to August last year, the site registered, overall, an average 228,202 visits, rising to 448,770 in the year up to August this year.

Says the report: “Social media can help in engaging the public to promote confidence and encourage reporting of crime and are a fundamental element in managing the reputation of the organisation, promoting messages and publicising information.”

The use of social media helped to, among other things, signpost to corporate information and other content on the police force’s own website, deliver positive information direct to the public and other stakeholders, warn and inform, and balance unfair or inaccurate media coverage.

The document adds that Northern Constabulary was the first Scottish force to exploit social media channels to inform and engage with the public.

Read the report here.