Freelance pens book on blogging

A FORMER deputy night editor at the Scottish Daily Mirror has penned a book on blogging, due out next month.

Ellen Arnison – now working freelance for, among others,, the Scottish Sunday Express and the Daily Record – is the author of ‘Blogging for Happiness – A guide to improving positive mental health (and wealth) from your blog’.

Say the publishers: “Blogging is the new black. Or so it seems. But blogging isn’t about keeping in with the in-crowd or letting the world know what you had for breakfast. Believe it or not, blogging can be a real force for good in your life. Covering the basics on how to start a blog, what to write about, how to get followers and technical and design tips, Blogging for Happiness looks at how a blog can actually improve your mental health, lift your mood, meet people, clear the air and even earn you some money.”

Part of the royalties from the book – coming out in both paperback and Kindle forms – will be going to the National Autistic Society.