Glasgow Agency Behind Online Channel 4 Game Entry Form

Prospective contestants in a new Channel 4 quiz show are being first asked to take part in an online game – designed by a Glasgow-based digital agency.

To access the application form to enter The Bank Job – which begins a week on Monday – requires the answering of a series of questions within just 45 seconds.

The game has been made by Chunk, following a commission by Remarkable Television, an Endemol company, which has also devised the TV show. 

The Bank Job is scheduled to appear live on air for six nights, from the second of next month, and will be presented by George Lamb. The show will be broadcast from a vault in a real bank where contestants answer quick-fire questions to open safe deposit boxes containing hundreds of thousands of pounds.

Chunk is one of Channel 4’s preferred digital suppliers outside of London and has a number of other projects in development.