Blipfoto bounding towards another milestone

A WEBSITE that allows members of the public to upload a single photo per day expects to have soon built up a pictures database equivalent to 2,740 years.

Writing about Edinburgh-based Blipfoto, Sarah Bruce, Scottish Daily Mail, begins: “It started as a simple idea in a Scottish bedroom – and even its creator didn’t think it would last.”

Blipfoto was founded eight years ago. Adds Bruce: “Now, more than 2,000 days after posting his first image, [founder, Joe] Tree says he is ‘in the unbelievably privileged position of being at the helm of a worldwide community of people in 160 countries who share in this simple, common purpose’.

“The website started as a photo blog, with a calendar, plus space for Mr Tree to write about the picture and for others’ comments. He posted a blurry photo of yellow leaves on the ground and added a couple of thoughts.”

The 2,740 years mark is expected in April. In March last year, his website had reached 13 million page views.