Daily Record revamps online comments facility

ABUSE of the Daily Record’s online comments facility has led to a revamp to the way readers can share their thoughts on stories.

Says the paper: “Until now, we have encouraged you to use our comments facility in a fair and respectful manner. Everyone who registers to comment on our website agrees to abide by a set of rules.

“That includes agreeing that they will not leave comments that are in any way abusive, offensive, defamatory, hateful or otherwise objectionable under the User Terms and Conditions.

“We have relied upon our ‘Report Abuse’ system to let you, our online community, flag up any problems within the comments. Sadly, a small but significant number of readers have decided to ignore the User Terms and Conditions and are spoiling the experience for many of you.”

As a result, from tomorrow, comments will require to be made via a person having to have a Facebook account.