Mixed results for trio of newspaper websites

THE website of The Scotsman newspaper was visited by an average 105,959 unique browsers every day during the six months leading up to June, according to latest figures.

Says the Audit Bureau of Circulation, www.scotsman.com also enjoyed a monthly average of 1,950,335 unique browsers up to the end of June. While the daily visitors rate was no change on 12 months previously, the monthly one was down 1.2 per cent.

The figures were released yesterday, as part of a regional/local newspapers update.

Now operating behind a partial paywall, the numbers were down for www.eveningtimes.co.uk and www.heraldscotland.com.

Says ABC, the daily figure for the former was an average 18,416 daily unique browsers (down 26.6 per cent on 12 months previously) and a monthly 297,155 (down 31 per cent).

And the figures for the latter were 41,565 (down 16.8 per cent) and 741,075 (down 27.5 per cent).

By way of comparison, www.dailyrecord.co.uk – which is classified as a nationals website, as opposed to the above ‘regionals’ ones – is understood to have had a June average of 131,173 (daily, up 46 per cent, year-on-year) and 2,567,871 (monthly, up 38 per cent, year-on-year).