New readership survey seeks to pinpoint newspaper popularity

THE Daily Record is estimated to have a monthly average readership of just over 2.8million, according to a new set of figures designed to give an overview of newspaper popularity, irrespective of the medium.

According to the National Readership Survey – which interviews members of the public about their reading habits – the Daily Record scored an average 2,803,000 adult readers per month between April last year and March this year. And of those, some 32 per cent (647,000) were via its website, with the remainder (1,832,000) via print.

The Record, like almost all newspapers, is suffering drops in sales of its print product. But its website is another way for readers to engage with it.

A person who reads both the print product and the website is counted by NRS PADD (National Readership Survey Print and Digital Data) as one reader.

Other figures revealed this morning by the survey include:

The Courier – print readership 297,000 per month, on average between April last year and March this year + 96,000 web = 387,000

Daily Record/Sunday Mail – 2,221,000 + 647,000 (same as the Daily Record because serves both the Daily Record and the Sunday Mail) = 2,803,000

Evening Times – 449,000 + 65,000 = 513,000

The Herald  – 483,000 + 225,000 = 697,000

The Herald/Sunday Herald – 558,000 + 225,000 (as above, = 770,000

The Scotsman – 459,000 + 513,000 = 940,000

The Scotsman/Scotland on Sunday – 600,000 + 513,000 (as above, = 1,076,000.