Scots e-newsletter tops readership poll among solicitors

A FREE, daily e-newsletter comprising Scots legal news has – perhaps not surprisingly – outshine other sources of legal news among Scots solicitors.

It follows a poll of solicitors carried out by Ipsos MORI on behalf of the Law Society of Scotland. Of the 500 polled, some 76 per cent of respondents said they read Scottish Legal News on a ‘regular basis’, with 53 per cent specifying on a weekly basis.

Added the poll, the Scots legal title, The Firm, is read weekly by 16 per cent and 38 per cent less than weekly.

In terms of general news, 67 per cent of respondents revealed they regularly used the BBC News website. Meanwhile, The Scotsman scored 19 per cent regular use, The Herald 18 per cent and The Guardian 14 per cent.

Among the other findings, social media use among solicitors was found to be relatively low with less than half using the three main platforms: LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

The poll found that LinkedIn was the most frequently-used social media network, with 24 per cent of the 500 solicitors interviewed saying they use the service either daily or weekly.

Scottish Legal News editor, Baktosch Gillan, responded to the findings, saying: “While it is very gratifying to top the poll, we feel that it perhaps underestimates the reach of Scottish Legal News. Our subscriber figures are currently over 9,900 and if we generously estimate that a 1,000 of these are students, lecturers, suppliers, politicians and journalists, that still gives us nearly 9,000 of Scotland’s 10,600 lawyers.

“We are actively planning on how we can improved the service next year and are certainly not resting on our laurels.”

Scottish Legal News is published by E-News Now Ltd, an online business-to-business publisher spun out of Dundee-based Scottish News Agency.

Adds managing director, Graham Ogilvy: “The service has made remarkable progress since it was launched in the summer of 2008 and I would like to congratulate Baktosch and his team who have made it such a success.”