Gorman and Mill join forces to offer blogging service

TWO of the best-known communications consultants have joined forces, to write blogs for businesses.

Planet Blog is the brainchild of Peter Mill, who helped found The Leith Agency, and Mark Gorman (pictured right), co-founder of the now defunct 1576.

Says a statement issued by the pair, Gorman is quoted, as saying: “We take the strain. Starting a blog is dead easy. Keeping it going is dead hard.”

Gorman writes a regular blog for allmediascotland.com

The statement continues: “Planet Blog offers a ‘blog a week’ package, to the client’s brief, for a modest fee that means their company’s blog will tick over nicely, enhancing the website’s effectiveness and optimisation. But more importantly, involving zero effort on the part of company bloggers who have neither the time, talent nor inclination to make a vital part of today’s marketing mix work.

Gorman is quoted in The Scotsman, as saying: ““We think there’s a big market for this as Google has dramatically reworked its algorithm for SEO [search engine optimisation] and has really promoted the value of blogging – real writing for the real world.”

Gorman is a freelance marketing consultant and chair of Creative Edinburgh; Mill – says The Scotsman – resigned as a director of communications consultancy, 60 Watt, but continues to work with the firm.

Pic: Doug Cook