Here’s a Tip for You: Disabling the in-app purchase facility on an ‘i’ device

IN-APP purchases can be the financial bane of a parent’s life, as their offspring quickly understand how to buy additional content or services for their favourite games.

If you have an ‘i’ device, it is, however, straightforward to disable the facility to buy.

First, go to the settings icon. It looks like a set of gears.

Then, find in the general settings menu: restrictions.

Click to open. If it is not enabled already (and it won’t be, if it’s your first visit) you will be invited to create a passcode.

This can be the same as the one used to unlock the device. But if you want an additional layer of security – which, of course, is to be recommended – then choose a different passcode.

Of course, as with all passcodes, any additional one will require remembering.

The advantage of having two passcodes is that the kids can have access to the device, but not access to changing the restrictions (which include, among other things, the facility to limit the types of movies, TV programmes, podcasts and music that can be viewed or listened to).

And within the list of restrictions is the invite to disable in-app purchases.

Click off, and that’s it, disabled.