Here’s a Tip for You: A longer passcode to get into your ‘i’ device

THE simple passcode to get into an ‘i’ device is just four digits long.

If this makes you feel a little vulnerable, were your device to be lost or stolen, you can create a longer passcode that is either all digits or all letters or a mix of both.

You will, of course, have to remember it. And it does mean that access to the device is protected by a longer code that requires being typed in.

But if you are happy with that, then it’s easy to achieve.

Go to settings (the gear wheels icon on your screen) and find ‘passcode lock’ (under ‘general settings’, perhaps).

Click it and follow the instructions. You enter your old passcode and switch ‘simple passcode’ from on to off.

Again, you’ll be asked for your old passcode but this will be immediately followed by you being asked to enter your new one.

* * *

Good general advice re passcodes and passwords: Don’t use a word that can be found in a dictionary (because there is software that can sweep through all the words in a dictionary, at lightening speed). Also, don’t use ‘password’. Or ‘1, 2, 3, 4′.

* * *

Note also: On ‘i’ devices, there is a facility within ‘settings’ – under ‘passcode lock’ – to erase data after ten failed passcode attempts. It begs the question that you will always remember your passcode within ten attempts.