My Top Ten: Gary Ennis, MD, digital design, NSDesign

MY Top Ten invites media practitioners to identify their top ten websites, apps, software tools and gadgets, etc, and here it is the turn of Gary Ennis, managing director of digital agency, NSDesign, which offers, among other things, social media training and website consultation.

Recently, Gary has been busy organising what he hopes will be “the biggest digital event to hit Ayrshire”.

Running in partnership with East Ayrshire Council, ‘Working Digital‘ is a week-long programme of events taking place this week – aimed at businesses of all shapes and sizes and including speakers from, among others,  STV, Tennents and Hootsuite.

1. – social media management tool – There’s a bit of a conflict of interest here, with me recommending HootSuite – since we run training courses on it. But, that aside, it is a fantastic tool, and one I use daily. Not only does it allow me to catch up with all my social networking, but, used correctly, it helps spot business opportunities and actually makes my day far more efficient.

2. Google – search engine – I regularly make a joke that NSDesign missed out on world domination by just two months (we were founded just eight weeks after Google). Joking aside, where would I be without it? I use most of the Google tools, Gmail, Calendar, Maps and more…

3. Glasgow Rocks on Facebook – social media – Ignoring the fact that we sponsor them, I’m a huge fan of the Rocks. So I have to include their Facebook page which I’m on a lot, especially during the season which starts very soon. I urge anyone to take in a basketball game and try to NOT enjoy it – not possible! #GoRocks!

4. iPhone – gadget – Not really a digital resource as such, but I feel obliged to mention my iPhone. I’d be lost without it as it helps me organise my day-to-day business activity. The main problem I have with it is fighting my two kids for it.

5. Basecamp – management tool – This is a brilliant online, project management tool that we use a lot in the office to help manage all our web design projects. It’s not got the ‘bells and whistles’ that some expensive bits of software provide, but it’s simple and effective, and helps us do things better.

6. Working Digital – event – I can’t NOT mention this one. It’s been the focus of my workload over the past few weeks. We’re very proud of helping bring this event to Ayrshire – and bringing together a number of high-calibre speakers normally reserved for Glasgow or London.

7. – website – Naturally.

8. – website –  Where else can you catch up on the news, see videos of people trashing iPads in blenders, and find tutorials on absolutely every subject imaginable (11,000 videos on ‘how to train a guinea pig to do tricks’). It’s what the internet was invented for.

9. Smashing Magazine – website – Daily design inspiration… The NSDesign ‘designers’ are on this one more than me nowadays, but I still like to keep on top of the latest web trends and techniques, etc.

10. Mashable – website – The ultimate news resource for everything ‘Social Media’. I also love the fact that the founder, Pete Cashmore (now said to be worth an estimated $60million+) is from Scotland. Gaun yersel, son!