Media Podcasts: Digital Publishing Podcast (ideas for digital publishers)

ORDINARILY, the Digital Publishing Podcast tackles a variety of topics. But the latest episode, says its presenter, Tristan Higbee, is focussed on just the one topic: how to use online forums to promote oneself.

Higbee is an American (possibly still on his travels, in Europe) and there are clearly times when he has plenty to promote, including when he produces an eBook.

The latest episode is No.39. And, as per usual, there is available an extremely helpful transcript of the audio. Find it and transcripts of previous episodes, here.

He introduces his transcripts, thus: “Hi everyone, I’m Tristan Higbee, and this podcast is all about the things I see and would like to see in the world of digital publishing, including blogging, eBook and video creation, podcasting, and other things relating to internet business and online marketing.”

For anyone involved in digital publishing, the episode titles alone should set the pulse racing, including about blog monetisation strategies, affiliate marketing or ‘getting traffic from Instagram‘.

Listen in, here.

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