The Media in Figures: Newspaper websites and their visitor numbers

THE website of The Daily Mail and The Mail on Sunday newspapers attracts an average nine million-plus browsers on a daily basis – according to figures issued by the newspaper circulation auditing body, the Audit Bureau of Circulation.

Says ABC, Mail Online last month enjoyed an average 9,004,285 daily browsers and a staggering 137,690,816 during the whole of the month – the daily figure up 37.32 per cent, year-on-year, and the monthly one up 30.24 per cent, year-on-year.

Other figures issued by the ABC include:

* Metro online – average daily 552,692 (up 47.74 per cent, year-on-year); average monthly 12,702,276 (up 46.38 per cent, year-on-year);

* The Guardian – average daily 4,519,849 (up 18.43 per cent); average monthly 83,519,898 (n/a);

* The Independent – average daily 1,295,170 (up 42.55 per cent); average monthly 27,628,344 (up 42.84 per cent);

* Mirror group – average daily 1,731,520 (up 106.25 per cent); average monthly 34,416,732 (up 103.12 per cent); and

* Telegraph – average daily 3,108,353 (up 13.01 per cent); average monthly 69,351,846 (up 11.94 per cent).

Source: Audit Bureau of Circulation, Multi-platform Report, September 19 2013.