Recommended Reads: Newspapers going behind paywalls

MOST newspaper websites can be read for free. But the content director of The Independent and Evening Standard newspapers thinks that, eventually, all newspapers will set up paywalls, and that the only question is when.

Says Chris Blackhurst, he thinks charging people to read a website will enable newspaper publishers to show advertisers that it has readers who taken their content seriously.

He also thinks newspapers are priced too cheaply.

Among the advocates of paywalls is Mike Darcey, News UK’s chief executive.

Those who disagree include Michael Kozlowski, editor-in-chief of Good e-Reader, as he explains here.

As does the ‘not-the-panacea-you’ve-been-expecting dept’ of the website, techdirt, which notes a report about the paywall at the San Fransisco Chronicle in the US.

And at the beginning of the week, the website paidContent reported the pulling down of a paywall at the Dallas Morning News, also in the US.

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