Revamped golf website hopes to become the sport’s biggest online community

A REVAMPED golf website has set itself the ambition of becoming the sport’s ‘biggest online community’.

The site – from Scots title, bunkered – says it has already experienced an increase in traffic since it got itself a new look at the start of the month.

The print edition of bunkered is published eight times per year, priced £4.25. Its audited average circulation between January and December last year was 24,295.

Says a bunkered media release: “[We have] set [our] sights on creating golf’s biggest online community after re-launching [our] website.”

bunkered editor, Bryce Ritchie, is quoted, as saying: “Our online profile has always been successful but we wanted to continually improve and give our readers more content, and more options – and this meant having a look at improving our website.

“Whilst we remain first and foremost a golf magazine and continue to be the best-selling golf title in Scotland, we are well aware that our readers want more, and the new will give them just that.

“Golf fans will now be able to interact with each other and members of our editorial team. We believe our new forum and online golf community to be the only one where users can interact with each other either publicly or privately thanks to the new site’s built-in social media platform.”

The site is free to visit.