Recommended Reads: Twitter etiquette

THINK you know all there is to know about Twitter? Not sure if you do? Either way, you could do worse than follow the checklist that is The Complete Guide to Twitter Etiquette.

Published on, and penned by Rebecca Hiscott,  the guide is a handy listing of what makes good and arguably productive Twitter practice.

In summary, it reads as follows:

* Treat your Twitter posts as though your parents, grandparents and bosses were reading (meaning, keep the profanity to a minimum, be thoughtful and respectful of other users, and rein in your netspeak and abbreviations)

* Don’t overshare personal information, including mundane things such as what you have just had for breakfast;

* Hotlink to the original if sharing something you have found thought-provoking;

* Don’t spoil endings (eg of TV series) for folk;

* Curb the temptation to over-promote yourself;

* Err on the side of constructive when you have an opinion to share;

* Don’t keep trying to drum up business;

* Resist excessive use of hashtags;

* Avoid getting into a war of words;

* Seriously consider reciprocating those who follow you, but not blindly;

* Interact with those who have reached out to you; and

* Retweeting might be fine, but passing off someone else’s tweet as your own is not.