The Media in Figures: Newspaper readership, including exclusively on mobile or tablet

THE Scotsman newspaper was read by an estimated average 1,274,000 people each month between July last year and June this year – with an average 329,000 of them doing so only on their smartphone or tablet.

The figures come from the National Readership Survey which, for the first time, has issued details about exclusively smartphone or tablet usage.

Says the NRS, the estimated 1,274,000 comprise readers of the print edition of The Scotsman, along with those who viewed the paper online, on their desktop or laptop computer, plus, of course, those who looked at the paper using their smartphone or tablet.

The figures relate to The Scotsman, not The Scotsman and its sister title, Scotland on Sunday, albeit Scotland on Sunday content appears on, which primarily carries Scotsman content.

Other estimated figures released by the NRS:

* The Daily Telegraph/ – 16, 271,000 (print, laptop/desktop and mobile/tablet), of which 4,841,000 exclusively mobile/tablet;

* The Guardian/ – 16,276,000 (print, laptop/desktop and mobile/tablet), of which 4,508,000 exclusively mobile/tablet;

* The Independent/ – 9,863,000 and 3,204,000;

* The Times/ – 4,798,000 and 140,000;

* Daily Mail/ – 23,365,000 and 5,642,000;

* Daily Mirror/ – 15,563,000 and 4,445,000;

* London Evening Standard/ – 6,190,000 and 575,000; and

* Metro/ – 14,217,000 and 2,139,000.

Source: National Readership Survey, September 19 2014.