Media job: Publicity manager, Scottish Natural Heritage

CLOSING DATE: December 5, 2017

Job title: Publicity manager

Grade: E Grade

Location: Edinburgh

Starting salary: £37,271.00 per annum

Vacancy type: Permanent

Hours: 37 hours per week

Closing date: 5th December 2017

Proposed Interview: Week beginning 18th December 2017

Ref: 024-309

Job purpose


THIS post is part of the management team within the Communications Unit, with responsibility for managing people, resources and projects to deliver an effective communications service to the wider organisation.

The post holder will play an important role in managing the team to deliver an effective communications service to support the organisation’s Corporate Plan. This will include contributing to the development of a wide spectrum of strategies and plans.

The role includes effective people and resource management through leadership of the publicity team, as well as project management, leading on projects to deliver specific objectives in support of SNH’s communication strategy.

The publicity team will be responsible for managing communications campaigns connecting people with nature, encouraging more people to enjoy the outdoors more often and increasing visits to Scotland’s Nature Reserves.

This includes management of the People and Landscape Programme Activity that contributes to SNH meeting its statutory duties to publicise and promote the Scottish Outdoor Access Code and the National Performance Framework Indicator to increase participation in recreational visits to the outdoors.

The postholder will lead a multi-disciplinary team providing a range of communications services to support the organisation meet its objectives.

Key responsibilities and accountabilities

The main duties and responsibilities are:

* Play an active role in the management of the Communications Unit, supporting the unit manager in developing and implementing the communication strategy and related action plans.

* Contribute to, and assist with, the general management of the unit including development of the Unit business plan and its implementation, monitoring and reporting during the course of the year.

* Develop plans and strategies, as required, to deliver a multi-disciplinary communications service covering media, advertising, social media, digital communications, event management, design and videography.

* Demonstrate knowledge of the media landscape and draw on this expertise to support development of proactive media strategies for the publicity team that will protect and improve corporate reputation.

* Draw on insights to provide in understanding the role of communication in supporting behaviour change, and the benefits and risk of alternative approaches.

* Drawing on robust knowledge of our stakeholders, media and the wider communication landscape, deliver innovative campaign strategies to support our corporate outcomes.

* Ensure the provision of a service to increase the profile of National Nature Reserves and highlight opportunities for people to enjoy the outdoors.

* Ensure the delivery of campaigns to promote the Outdoor Access Code to meet SNH’s statutory responsibilities.

* Provide quality assurance for our communication, including in relation to branding, as well as written and visual content.

* Provide communications support and advice to support a range of initiatives across SNH, to help the organisation deliver its goals.

* Demonstrate understanding of the digital landscape and emerging trends. Apply this knowledge to contribute to leading on the content development strategy, identifying and developing digital channels, as well as delivering the work of the publicity team through digital channels.

* Contribute to planning for digital communications, social media and media relations.

* Lead on identifying and applying evaluation criteria for campaigns, digital content and media relations, and use these criteria to assess our communication against objectives, reporting on the outcome as required and recommending alternative approaches where necessary to address any shortcomings.

* Provide advice for business continuity situations, managing the publicity team in developing the communication approach for our business continuity strategy.

* Provide out-of-hours cover for communication’s related activity when required.

Skills – proficiency level – desirability

Excellent written and verbal communications, including the ability to convey complex information clearly, confidently and consistently – Expert – Essential

Strong understanding of the role communications plays in delivering organisational objectives and the use of appropriate tools – Expert – Essential

Ability to manage and prioritise busy diverse workload, including complex, sensitive, high profile issues demonstrating leadership – Expert – Essential

Excellent management and team building skills and the ability to coach and influence to achieve results – Expert – Essential

Strong understanding of the political context in which SNH operates and the sensitivities involved – Expert – Essential

Good problem solving skills with a positive approach to discussing and resolving issues, ability to analyse complex situations, diagnose problems – Expert – Essential

Ability to quickly establish credibility, build effective working relationships, working effectively and in partnership – Expert – Essential

Capture use and share insights to improve future policy and delivery – Expert – Essential

Ability to anticipate economic, social, political, environmental and technological developments to ensure activity is relevant and targeted – Proficient – Desirable

Good knowledge of SNH’s work and its stakeholders – Proficient – Desirable

Good knowledge of digital and social media channels and emerging trends – Proficient – Desirable

Ability to manage budgets and use financial management information to best achieve SNH’s objectives – Proficient – Desirable

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