Media job: Editor-in-chief, DC Thomson Media

CLOSING DATE: October 23, 2019




WE are looking for an inspirational journalist to join DC Thomson Media to provide leadership, clear vision and direction for our editorial teams in Aberdeen. The right person will have to be able to continue to deliver newspaper products that have helped make us Scotland’s leading media provider.

At a time of significant change in the newspaper sector, we are embracing the challenge we all face and are looking for someone who can help us create amazing content and brand extensions to optimise revenue streams and keep us at the forefront of media content creation.

We need someone who can be a leading voice in media, political and social conversations with the public, taking part in debates on all platforms to help ensure DC Thomson maintains its position as one of Scotland’s top media companies.

You will be part of DC Thomson Media editorial board and responsible for an estate of around three hundred people located in our amazing new offices in the heart of the city.

This role offers you an opportunity to come and work for a company that is excited about a future where we continue to deliver amazing content to our audiences through print and digital products. We may not know exactly what that future looks like but we believe that our great people, content and products will continue to lead the minds and hearts of the customers we have now and will have in the future.

To apply for this role, please follow our online application process and submit a CV and cover letter.

To apply, click here.

This is a full-time, permanent position, working from our Aberdeen office. We will offer a generous remuneration package commensurate with experience.

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Closing date for applications is Wednesday 23rd October 2019.