Junior account executives – Holyrood Partnership

CLOSING DATE: May 30, 2014

WE believe that well-told stories help businesses to improve the bottom line, while making better places to work.

We demonstrate what we believe every day, by telling our own stories and those of our clients on pape6r, online and on camera, in words, pictures and video.

We are Scottish PR agency, Holyrood Partnership.

If you believe the same things that we do, then opportunity has just knocked, because an exciting period of growth means we’re looking for talented people to join us.

While the job title might say, ‘junior account executive’, what we actually want are talented story tellers with a nose for news, an eye for a picture and a yen for YouTube.

Every CV we see says the applicant is passionate about PR, but you’ll be able to do better by clearly showing us why you are inspired to work with us.

That work will see you quickly embedded in campaign management, social media, and press release writing, with an unrelenting focus on delivering measurable results for clients

If you are feeling stifled by the straightjacket of a standard PR starter role, then sharpen your pencil, smarten your social profile and tell us your story in a way that makes us believe in you.

Send your story to recruitment@holyroodpr.co.uk


Email: recruitment@holyroodpr.co.uk